Why DOSA name

Very often the name of a company consists of the name of the people who set up the company and have signed the first memorandum. In the case of DOSA it is not different, indeed with a small implementation of letters, we got a trade-mark word with a proper meaning .
In the Italian language, and similarly also in other languages such as English, French, German, Spanish etc., DOSA means carry out the operation of DOSING a product, in a preset filling quantity into a container .
Registered Patents
DOSA has developed, optimized and registered several applications to be installed on its dosing and closing machines, for example:
A) a system for conveying low fluency powders from the doser to the container. It can be fitted on slow, medium and high speed machines. It is simple, easy to apply and easy to clean. It ensures the complete product transfer from the doser to the container, without noise or dust sediments.
B) a method for the vial packaging in sterile environment and an apparatus that puts into effect such method.
C) a system for stoppering the vials under vacuum conditions, in the same sterile area where the filling of powder onto the vials has taken place

What is our production programme at present?

In 2002 we re-started the design and development activity. In particular we concentrated on the dosing-filling machines for powders, granules, milled/agglomerated products. We started from some ideas that had been left aside for a long time and mixed them up with some new ideas arisen over the years.
We took advantage of the collected experience for implementing the new machines series with the newest available technologies. Hence Dosa has optimized all machines models, in
materials and components quality
easy managing and handling
ergonomic aspect